Frigidaire Professional FPEH3077RF Electric Range FAQs

Frigidaire Professional FPEH3077RF Electric Range FAQs

Frigidaire FPEH3077RF 30 inch freestanding electric stove and oven is one of the manufacturer’s high-end products. FPEH307RF electric range works similarly to the gas stove with a simple control panel and timers. There are two separate knobs: one for cooking mode; second for temperature control. Cooking modes present in the electric range are bake, conventional bake, roast, broil, Powerplus preheat, and warm. Below we mentioned a few specs and features of the product. Check it out before going to the Frigidaire Professional FPEH3077RF Electric Range FAQs.


  • Powerplus Preheat: Preheat mode prepares your oven for baking, toasting, and roasting. Turn on the stove and press the preheat button, your stove will be ready in a few minutes. 
  • Temperature probe: Set the required temperature, and you can expect great results for your dishes. Turn the knob and set the temperature for your turkey and leave the rest to the oven.
  • Convection mode: This mode helps cook the food evenly and delivers the same results every time you turn on. Baking, roasting, and broiling are done evenly under the convection mode.
  • Smudge-proof stainless steel: Stainless steel oven is easy to clean and maintain. It will not leave your fingerprints on it.
  • Bridge element: The presence of a 2-in-1 cooktop increases the speed of cooking by providing multiple options. Combine two modes and cook faster.
  • There are two conventional fans at the back of the oven to circulate the air evenly throughout the oven for even baking and roasting.


  • Oven Capacity – 5.1 cubic ft
  • Convection mode – yes
  • Temperature probe – yes
  • Cooktop – smooth
  • Burners – 5
  • Exterior finish – stainless steel
  • Power required – 15 A, 60 Hz, and 120 V.

Frequently Asked Questions on Frigidaire FPEH3077RF 30″ Freestanding Electric Range

Now let’s see the most common and frequently asked questions about Frigidaire Professional FPEH3077RF 30″ Freestanding Electric Range along with answers.

Is a double burner on the Frigidaire FPEH3077RF cooktop consumes more energy?

Yes, the double burner of Frigidaire Professional 30” Electric Front Control Freestanding Range consumes more energy and takes more time to cook. You have to avoid this burner for long hours of cooking.

What are the power specifications required for the Frigidaire FPEH3077RF electric range?

You need a separate electric socket with 15 Amps and 60 HZ frequency power Frigidaire FPEH3077RF 30 Inch Electric Range. 120 V is the voltage limit for this device. The power specifications match all the states of America.

Which is the best part of the FPEH3077RF Frigidaire Professional Electric Range?

Broiling function is very great in the Frigidaire FPEH3077RF electric stove. You can get six hamburger patties broiled perfectly in 13 minutes with this oven. It is comparable with other high- end models.

What are the salient features of the Frigidaire FPEH3077RF cooktop?

The FPEH3077RF Frigidaire Professional 30” Electric Range is very smooth with a stainless steel finish and has four burners and a warming zone. A dual burner is present at the front side of the cooktop for quick heating. Two burners on the left side can be synchronized into one for using large cookware and griddles. There are no automatic features in this electric range. It has knobs to set the temperature manually. There is no set bake or roast in FPEH307RF.

Can we use an iron skillet and Dutch oven over the Frigidaire FPEH3077RF?

Yes, you can use iron skillets and Dutch ovens over the Frigidaire Professional 30″ 5-Burner Free Standing Electric Range. While using iron skillets, make sure not to slide it over the cooktop as it may cause scratches.

How big is the Frigidaire FPEH3077RF?

The width of the Frigidaire Electric Range FPEH3077RF is 30 inches and can fit most appliances very perfectly.


Frigidaire FPEH3077RF two in one electric oven and cooktop was designed to stand among Frigidaire’s top models. But it has failed to stand at the top. It needs improvement in the oven and burner design. It consumes more energy than other cooktops, creating a sharp increase in the energy bill. Though it is a competent electric stove, for its price range, our expectations are more. Hope you got the answers for your queries from the above mentioned Frigidaire Professional FPEH3077RF Electric Range FAQs.

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