aka Death Drawing

Art Macabre drawing salons offering curiousity, theatricality and a little bit more gore than your average life drawing class. RIP boring life drawing, hello death drawing.

We invite you to grab an artistic weapon of choice and come make some killer marks with us.

At each event, a different deadly theme will be explored through the nude human form, costume, props and multi-media.

Tickets generally range from between £10 to £15 (plus booking fee) to participate per salon. At most of our events, basic materials are included in the ticket, thanks to our sponsor Cass Art. Spaces at each event are limited, so book your ticket in advance to ensure a place. For Cass Art events, tickets need to be bought in advance, so purchase your tickets online via Cass Art here and for all other events at other venues ticket info can be found via our NEXT EVENTS pages and drop down menu links.


Thanks to Cass Art for generous sponsorship of materials.



3 Responses to WHAT

  1. bexy cameron says:


    I would like to join in on your drawing nights please – they look FABULOUS


  2. WOW this looks amazing, Do you need any models?!! I am still kinda new to the `life´ drawing world but already love it….!

  3. Anne Markham says:

    I was at the class at the V & A Museum. It was a scream. I really enjoyed the whole experience and atmosphere of what you’ve created here.

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