Roll up, roll up! Meet Dott Cotton..clown about town performing tomorrow at the salon

Introducing Dott Cotton, our star attraction at le cirque de Art Macabre that will be appearing for one night only tomorrow at The Old Boys Club, Dalston.

Come one, come all, roll up roll up ready to capt
ure the sorrow and comedy and draw the tears of a clown at this week’s salon…

Dott Cotton is a performer who has performed across London and beyond at cabaret and burlesque nights, as well as on the streets.
Dott will be performing one of her Radio Mimes, which started out as improvisations made in a small shed to an 80s boombox stolen from her grandfather. She has since performed the Radio Mimes across the UK and beyond, from theatres to pubs to skate parks to toilets to peanut factories. And now we welcome her to perform at ART MACABRE…

Dott Cotton is a fool.

Discovered by the infamous Baron Von Sanderson, dancing for pennys on the dirty back streets of east London.

Dott has spent the last three years artfully dodging her way around the streets of Europe with the ambition of making people cry and laugh at the same time.

Although general confusion goes hand in hand with the laughter she generates, her ability to entertain audiences old and young has seen her booked as a cabaret act across London.

Dott has been described as a cross between Donald Duck and the Drunken Porter from Macbeth, with a hint of Bondage and that bleached around the edges glamour often associated with a toilet attendant.

Dott expresses a desire to draw parallels with the likes of Marco, but she wiggles to much to be taken seriously.

Find out more about Dott Cotton here

and be sure to hand over £8 on the door to find out more and experience her unique performance


About Art Macabre Drawing Salons (formerly known as Death Drawing)

RIP LIFE DRAWING. 2011 is the year of ART MACABRE.
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