Diaries out…announcing upcoming events!

Having enjoyed a well earnt little break across the last few weeks (even the undead are grateful for a bit of a rest from time to time), here at Art Macabre Drawing Salons we’re excited to announce our latest upcoming salon dates. There’ll be more to come soon, but we wanted get these dates in your diaries!

For those of you who missed out on the outdoor adventure last time, join us as we head back to the amazing pop up Urban Physic Garden. Closing in August, don’t miss this chance to visit the poisoned plants, play on the see saws and skip ping pong and sample yummy food and drink from the Rambulance rambling restaurant!
We’ll be introducing new poisoned plant and wild creature costumed characters at this afternoon outdoor drawing salon so let us know if you’re coming and pay £8 on the door to take part in creating collaborative and individual art work inspired by the deathly nature of the garden…

COME OUT TO PLAY! We’re heading to PLAYGROUP FESTIVAL from Fri 5- Sun 7 August. Get your tickets now and join us! We’ll be running drop in salons in the Forest of Thought tent across the weekend plus taking to the stage for a special ‘Woodland Animals’ themed salon on Saturday night of the festival. We can’t wait!

For a taste of the magic that this new festival promises, take a peek at the website here. and with buses running from Hoxton Square, London and also from Brighton, we’d love you to get tickets and join us there.

For those of you looking for another indoor London salon, our next date will be…

TUESDAY 16 AUGUST – SCARY TALES storytelling special @ TOUR DE FORCE THEATRE, off Well St & Mare Street, Hackney, 8-10pm. We’re delighted to be exploring the dark side of fairytales, folk stories and legends with guest storyteller Tim Ralphs and all the usual Art Macabre drawing delights. Tickets £8 in advance.

PLUS more Cass Art news and dates to follow very soon so watch this space!


About Art Macabre Drawing Salons (formerly known as Death Drawing)

RIP LIFE DRAWING. 2011 is the year of ART MACABRE.
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1 Response to Diaries out…announcing upcoming events!

  1. I should try and hang out more often with you walking dead bloggers. Actually, I can’t say I am a million miles away from your line of work myself. The death drawing sounds interesting, with various rigor mortis posses no doubt.

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