DEAD SPACE postponed until Tuesday 29th Jan

DEADSPACE1Hello! Sorry for the radio silence, Art Macabrettes. We’ve been busy plotting the next salons, enjoying macabre festive antics such as Wellcome’s Death: A Self Portrait exhibition and researching into salon ideas for the coming season.

IMPORTANT NEWSFLASH: We’re having to reschedule our space voyage from tomorrow until TUESDAY 29 JAN instead now. We are sorry for this, but illness means it cant be helped. We hope you’ll join us at the new date though? Those who can’t make the new date will be refunded through Cass Art.

We can’t wait to see you at the end of the month for the first salon of the year: DEAD SPACE – helping you to fill the awkward time between Christmas/New Year and Spring with some sci-fic, intergalactic, rocket-fuelled fun.


5-4-3-2-1 …


About Art Macabre Drawing Salons (formerly known as Death Drawing)

RIP LIFE DRAWING. 2011 is the year of ART MACABRE.
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2 Responses to DEAD SPACE postponed until Tuesday 29th Jan

  1. jan liddington says:

    My nephew is in his last year at college doing art and design, i would love to give him a gift of an evening at Art macabre Drawing salons in March do you issue vouchers of any kind or a flexible booking system were i could pay for the evening in advance. thanks jan

    • This is a really nice idea, Jan. The best way to do it will be to buy a ticket for him, in his name, in advance via the Cass Art website? We list our events on the Cass Art Events page, with a BOOK NOW button linking to tickets sales (via eventsbrite). Tickets for the March event (Tuesday) are sold out, but we have the next event on 2 April that he may enjoy? Hope this helps.

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