Sketch the skull of an executed assassin next Saturday with us?

Next Saturday, we’ll be spending the afternoon in the company of an executed deadly assassin. We invite you to join us! Come and sketch the skull of a genuine killer…the only murderer to have successfully assassinated a British prime minister – John Bellingham.

The skull of John Bellingham:

Photo courtesy of Scott Grummett http;// via Barts Pathology Museum

John Bellingham assassinated Spencer Perceval in 1812, over 100 years ago, shooting him in the heart. Following his trial, he was executed. Now his skull is in residence at Barts Pathology Museum – the location of our next Art Macabre event- alongside hundreds of other curious, fascinating exhibits that you will be able to sketch and observe to create unique artworks over a truly different Saturday afternoon.

“…That you be taken from hence…to a place of execution, where you shall be hanged by the neck until you be dead; your body to be dissected and anatomized”

John Bellingham’s fate on sentencing for his crimes. Reminiscent of our event earlier this year at Museum of London’s ‘Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men’ exhibition, he was one of the criminals whose body was given to medical research- allowed to be dissected for the purposes of anatomy and preserved in this museum collection that is part of Queen Mary, University of London, where medical students train and learn from these specimens today.

Barts Pathology Museum is one of London’s hidden gems, currently only accessible to the general public for special events such as our Death Drawing salon there on Saturday 24th August. We’re delighted to be able to invite you to sketch pathological specimens in pots, unusual skeletons and diseased deceased body parts, plus a live model along side all these human remains- as two models, male and female, pose as our own animated Anatomical Venuses alongside the flesh and bone of the museum exhibits.

Death Drawing by Art Macabre 2013

You can follow the skull of Bellingham on twitter, @BellinghamSkull and find out more about the rest of the museum’s collection ahead of seeing it for yourself here.

The event coincides with Geoffrey Harrison’s exhibition, as artist-in-residence at Barts Pathology: “Me.Complete.You” featuring around 25 paintings inspired by the Museum’s collection of preserved 18th to 20th century anatomical specimens, focusing on the heart, brain, hands, feet and tongue. With tickets to our event, you’ll be able to be inspired by these artworks, as well as creating your own sketches.

Artwork by Geoffrey Harrison

There are still tickets left to our event at Barts Pathology on 24 August, but they’re selling out fast so visit our Eventbrite site here to come along and join us!


About Art Macabre Drawing Salons (formerly known as Death Drawing)

RIP LIFE DRAWING. 2011 is the year of ART MACABRE.
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