Back to the Future…Big Draw special event next Tuesday…

As part of this year’s The Big Draw, a nationwide campaign for drawing, we decided to interpret the “Draw Tomorrow” theme in our own Art Macabre way…

The sharpest tools amongst you may already have realised that our regular venue Cass Art have recently gone online- unveiling their new online shop. It’s been well worth the wait for this to happen and hurrah for us being able to satisfy our art materials cravings 24/7! So we thought it was high time we went a bit TECHNO, TECHNO, TECHNO too. We’ve developed a distinctly digital, computer takeover theme to our next salon…Say hello to Art Macabre Version 0.666!

DIGITAL DYSTOPIA on Tues 1 October will kick off our series of several BIG DRAW specials. Firstly, we predict the future and present a dark dystopian vision for you to record not only in traditional drawing techniques, but also invite you to bring with you an Ipad/tablet/other technologically advanced drawing apparatus and go digital. Whether tweeting your pencil sketches throughout the event, or drawing using new technology you bring- it’s all about using computers to unleash creativity in exciting new ways as we consider the future of drawing.

We’ll present models posing as cyborg, robot beings- an imagined new race of artists who have been engineered to replicate perfectly accurate designs every time- replacing human artists with their mistakes along the way. A scary thought…

We’ll welcome you to a world where old school pencil drawing has been outlawed, with digital drawing being enforced, apart from in our Cass Art secret sketching speak easy. But how long will it be before the robo cops discover us and force you to give mechanical drawing a go?

It’s going to be futuristic, silver-plated, digital-soundtracked drawing fun. Join us as we step in to tomorrow…

Tickets are available here. ONLINE ONLY – see, we’re already all about the digital takeover! As always, our sponsors Cass Art will be providing drawing materials (traditional pencils, pens, charcoal and paper) for all.  Plus don’t forget that Cass Art’s online shop is now open for business, if you want to order any additional special extras to draw with. Welcome to the future…

And a taste of our playlist and some amazing robot love to get you in the mood…


About Art Macabre Drawing Salons (formerly known as Death Drawing)

RIP LIFE DRAWING. 2011 is the year of ART MACABRE.
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1 Response to Back to the Future…Big Draw special event next Tuesday…

  1. That sounds amazing! I love your blog, such a creative and interesting idea. I only wish I could attend!

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