Release the Kraken! Monster’s Ink

We can now reveal an additional Halloween event that we’ll be part of this week. Tomorrow night we’ll be taking a taste of Art Macabre along to Eat Your Heart Out ‘Feed the Beast’ – Miss Cakehead’s infamous extreme cake shop for 2013!

We’re thrilled that we’ll be bring some monstrous inky activities to the Preview Party for this year’s ever-astounding Eat Your Heart Out event. This year Miss Cakehead and co are supported by those tasty purveyors of the spicey stuff Kraken Rum and so we’ll be inviting guests to add to our ancient map with drawing of their favourite kraken-themed cakes they’ve spotted, drawn in ink (of course), as they sip rum cocktails and feast on an edible kraken autopsy.

I know that any fan of Art Macabre will also appreciate the creative macabre glory of Miss Cakehead‘s cake curation spectaculars. If you’ve yet to make it along to past gruesome confectionary pop-up shops, then you’re in for a lovely surprise to discover what her team of twisted bakers achieve with the humble raw material of sugar. The Preview Party event that we’ll be add is invited guests and press only, so see you there if you’ve been lucky enough to get your paws on a ticket! If not though, then we’ll be sharing info and a preview of the cakes drawn on the map post-event, so be sure to visit the Pop-Up shop where you can delight your eyes and imagination and FEED THE BEAST IN YOUR BELLY across the whole weekend. Good news – it’s FREE to visit the shop!

All the details of the bloody cakes you can expect to see and where the shop is can be found here.

Release the kraken…


About Art Macabre Drawing Salons (formerly known as Death Drawing)

RIP LIFE DRAWING. 2011 is the year of ART MACABRE.
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