Our competition winner is….

Farida Yesmin is our chosen competition winner! She’s shared with us, in response to our recent competition call out, lots of beautiful art work that she’s created from her attendance of recent Art Macabre Death Drawing salons. Well done Farida, who has won 2 free tickets to an Art Macabre future salon of her choice.


Drinking Blood. By Farida Yesmin. All rights reserved 2014 (c)

Dr Dark in the Hospital. Farida Yesmin 2014

Dr Dark in the Hospital. Farida Yesmin 2014

unnamed (1)

The Devil and her Friends. By Farida Yesmin. All rights reserved (c) 2014

We love the way that Farida has taken the scenes presented at Art Macabre and let her imagination run riot, using what we provided as inspiration as a springboard to allow her to develop dramatic scenes full of elaborate detail and colour. She takes home the sketches made and develops them further to these fantastical images.

Farida can often be spotted front row at Art Macabre, capturing what she sees and imagines with pastel, charcoal and watercolours. We hope you enjoy her artwork as much as we do.


Dancing with Death. Farida Yesmin 2014 (c)

unnamed (2)

Temperance and the Swords. By Farida Yesmin (c) 2014


unnamed (3)

Meeting Up. Farida Yesmin (c) 2014

If you’re feeling inspired to have a go yourself, then at the next 2 Art Macabre events at Cass Art’s flagship store in Islington, we’ll be exploring WATERCOLOUR with Cass Art- trying out some of their products and MAKE A SPLASH of colour this Spring with floral and water themes. Find out more here about their Watercolour Challenge and how you can enter their competition here.

Tonight is our first Watercolour event, looking at the colour and symbolism of flowers using Inktense products thanks to Cass Art.

Tickets still available here.



About Art Macabre Drawing Salons (formerly known as Death Drawing)

RIP LIFE DRAWING. 2011 is the year of ART MACABRE.
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