We’re heading t…

We’re heading to the most curious festival this Midsomer… Join us at Also Festival to feed your imagination, your curiosity and your tummies! We’ll be exploring the theme of Speed in magical ways through drawing at our workshops on Sat 21 & Sun 22 June. Our friends Craftivist Collective are there too, plus this little lot…

The Also Festival: Look Who’s Talking?

Life is short and speeding up, so slow it right down by learning something new.

We’ll be bringing the best speakers from the arts, sciences and psychology to the Also Fest to explore our need for ‘Speed’ – the theme of our first ever festival:

Science historian Stuart Clark will explain how the speed of light could be worked out before turning the lights on was even an option.

Next year Einstein’s theory of relativity turns 100. Get ahead. Let the Cambridge Professor David Tong explain what it is and why it works.

Learn how adversity, although a right pain, can be used to make you stronger with Prof Christopher Hamilton.

Fall in love with the new cool sherries headed up by the genius wine communicator, multi-award winning Jane Parkinson. Sherry will be on hand.

Digital humanist Tom Chatfield will answer once and for all, has the Internet altered our attention span? (If you’re still reading – you’re probably ok)

TV historian Andrea Wulf will explain the impossibly difficult race in the 18th C to witness the Transit of Venus – the key to understanding the scale of the universe.

Bounce around Hemingway’s wives, books and worlds to build a real picture of the author with brilliant biographer Naomi Wood.

Whatever your age, understand the wit, joy and mischief to be had in time marching on with Anne Karpf.

Literary Platform founder Joanna Ellis will explain how you become what you search for on-line, a talk we’re hilariously calling: ‘Yoogle’.

Acclaimed author and coach J P Flintoff who will reveal what really motivates you and how talking about it can help you change the world.

Food Futurologist Dr Morgaine Gaye will predict and explain how the UK, home to the faddiest eaters on the planet will eat in 10, 20, 50 years time.

Cardiovascular Professor Robin Choudhury gives a beautiful virtual tour of the heart – only from the inside – has to be seen to be believed, guv!

Sundance winner Havana Marking talks about the worlds portrayed in her documentary films ‘Afghan Star’, ‘Smash and Grab’ and ‘Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer’.

Neuroscientist Dr Michael Banissy opens up the world of the synaesthetes – those of us who see the colour of words and the taste of music.

Food writer Pen Vogler talks us through food- Jane Austen style in ‘Dinner with Mr Darcy’ – cake will be provided.

Rob Orchard, Founder of the Slow Journalism movement explains 2,000 years of media in thirty minutes.

Slow Build: Tom Wilkinson explores our intensely personal relationship between ourselves, society and our architecture in ‘Bricks and Mortals.’

Award winning filmmaker Jasmine Dellal, introduces gypsy life and gypsy music before screening her award winning documentary film, ‘When the Road Bends’.

New York Time best-selling author Jessica Fellowes will close the festival on Sunday evening by explaining the speed of life at Downton Abbey.

Salon London: Curiosity Never Killed Us Cats



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RIP LIFE DRAWING. 2011 is the year of ART MACABRE.
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