Meet the Morte Couture designers….

Ahead of London Fashion Week starting, as part of our Morte Couture catwalk countdown, get to know our featured designers a little bit more…

DEATH + GLORY – Meet Joanna Shears (and Billy the Squirrel)

First up, we’d like to introduce you to the very lovely Joanna Shears. She’s attended several Art Macabre events in the past, always wearing the most striking of head attire! Now it’s her turn for her wearable taxidermy creations to take centre stage and have her designs modelled on the Morte Couture catwalk on Tuesday and Thursday evenings next week.

When we decided to do a macabre millinery and masks special for this year’s London Fashion Week inspired salons, Death + Glory were top of our hitlist! Take a peek at the photos and their website and we think you’ll soon see why…look out for Billy the squirrel too.

Joanna Shears wearing one of her Death + Glory fox ear creations (c)

Joanna Shears wearing one of her Death + Glory fox ear creations (c)

Death + Glory is a London based company creating bespoke wearable and decorative taxidermy. Creative Director, Joanna Shears uses a mix of original taxidermy (handmade by her) and repurposed vintage pieces to create unique and stylish designs.

With a background in Fine Art, costume making and Art Direction she brings originality and innovation to her work. Joanna’s passion for taxidermy started as a very young child and she is now secretary to the UK Guild of Taxidermists, helping to promote, encourage and maintain the highest standards within the industry.

'The Deity' - Dark Beauty magazine

Photo: Antlers by Death + Glory. Photography: Abi Bansal, Stylist: Lisa Fifer. For Dark Beauty magazine (c) All rights reserved

Death + Glory has been featured in several high fashion publications including Dark Beauty Magazine and New York based Ellements.

Take a peek at Death + Glory’s website for more photos and pieces, past editorials and some simply inspiringly dark yet beautiful fashion photography and styling…
We adore the ‘History of Melancholia’ editorial especially from Make Believe magazine.

Which design would you dare to wear? Death + Glory can create items to order, so get in touch if you’d like something extra special that you see.

Come and sketch our nude models wearing these very wearable taxidermy creations at our Morte Couture events, in Kingston and Islington, during London Fashion Week? Tickets here.

'History of Melancholia' - Make & Believe Magazine

Photo: Death + Glory in Make Believe Magazine. All rights reserved (c) Angel Mouse haircomb, Crow hat, Fox Ears Hat, Vintage Bird Snowdome: Death+Glory, Photopgraphy: Anna Radchenko, Stylist: Lisa Fifer

Here’s Joanna with a skull…just because!

Noel Deasington Photoshoot

Photo: Joanna Shears portrait by Noel Deasington


About Art Macabre Drawing Salons (formerly known as Death Drawing)

RIP LIFE DRAWING. 2011 is the year of ART MACABRE.
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