You can leave your hat on…Meet Miss Ava’s Millinery!

Today we introduce another of our Morte Couture fashion designers to be featured in next week’s shows. London Fashion Week is nearly upon us, ladies and gents, and we can’t wait to see these macabre millinery designs on the catwalk!



Now this lady shall be rather familiar to many of you. If you’ve been to many Art Macabre salons, you’ll no doubt have had the opportunity to draw Ava Iscariot. Perhaps as a love struck vampire complete with sequin bat nipples? Or perhaps as a vintage femme fatale? Or lurking in a graveyard, winged and body painted stone grey head to toe, as a Weeping Angel? Yes, that’s Ava!

A regular Art Macabre model, and sometimes to be seen sketching too, did you know that she also designs and makes her own millinery too? Multi-talented, indeed! Find out more about how she’s following in her family footsteps and creating designs fit for the catwalk…


Miss Ava’s Millinery (c) Ava modelling one of her own original designs

Miss Ava’s Millinery is an up and coming London based label specialising in hats and headwear which is meticulously hand-crafted using traditional millinery techniques.

Upon an early retirement from a career in archaeology, (we told you she’s a woman of many talents!), Miss Ava headed to the London College of Fashion to study the ancestral trade of millinery and hat making.

Ava now combines these skills with inspiration drawn from vintage style, the cabaret world she haunts, and her vivid imagination to create unique, striking and beautiful pieces of headwear.


The female of her species is more deadly…Miss Ava’s Millinery spider web design (c)

Miss Ava has long believed in the power of glamour and dressing up, refusing to believe that someone can be overdressed. A wonderful piece of headwear can complete and outfit, be it a statement piece to wow, a stunning piece for a special event or a classic piece to be enjoyed everyday, and this is exactly what Miss Ava’s Millinery aims to provide.

Every single piece from Miss Ava’s Millinery, be it a bespoke creation or something from the shop collection, is blocked and sewn by hand to ensure the highest quality construction and finish.

Miss Ava's Millinery (c)

Miss Ava’s Millinery (c)

Take a peek at her website ahead of next week or on Etsy  to see what’s ready to wear, or commission a bespoke piece for something special, perhaps? You can see the pieces she’s created for our show up close and sketch them being modelled next Tuesday and Thursday at our Morte Couture events at Cass Art. They’ll be suitably Gothic and with a few bits of leather and some studs, we bet! Trust us, this woman can’t resist… TICKETS HERE!

You can leave you hat on… Ava in her alter-ego on stage persona as Ava Iscariot!


About Art Macabre Drawing Salons (formerly known as Death Drawing)

RIP LIFE DRAWING. 2011 is the year of ART MACABRE.
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