Meet Feather & Flask…

Seeing as it’s Friday, we thought what better time to introduce our next Morte Couture designer, as FEATHER & FLASK has a particular taste for GIN! Pour yourself a generous helping and toast to the weekend and start of London Fashion Week so soon with us, as we tell you a bit more about these fascinating fascinators!


Feather and Flask creates vibrant bespoke detachable flask fascinators hosts events that incorporate history and crafting. In her historically inspired events Feather and Flask  take inspiration from varied sources such as Alice in Wonderland and Victorian mourning custom


Last year, we featured Feather and Flask’s wonderfully Alice in Wonderland mini-gin flask featuring fascinators in our show. Raven Rouge was lucky enough to have her own special design bestowed upon her (hiccup!) This year, a new corvine collection of Gothic dark feathers shall be revealed. Very up Raven’s street too!

Feather and Flask makes custom detachable flask fascinators and creates events that incorporate history and crafting. Created by Jillian Drujon, Jillian combines the skills and passions she’s acquired over the years in Feather and Flask. After many years of experience working with textiles in the film industry and a known passion for gin, its no wonder Jillian finally put two and two together.

Jillian says:
The idea behind the detachable flask fascinator came to me as a fun idea to make for an outfit when going to a cabaret. I got so many compliments and genuine laughter at the silly yet stylish fascinator that I thought “perhaps I should sell these?!” Two years later here I am with the concept expanded to include historically inspired hats with flasks as well, as it combines yet another passion of mine: History.

Jillian 1920s

I hope you love the idea of wearing spirits to the party as much as I do so please raise your flasks in drunken revelry as we cheers to the celebratory news that LACE, FEATHERS and GIN are combined!”

raven feather fascinator

 For this London Fashion Week  Morte Couture, Feather and Flask will show two fascinators from her upcoming Corvid Collection. If you would like to see further fascinators or information on events Feather and Flask see her website here  and be sure to get your ticket to come draw the feathers (caw caw! Nevermore!) at our Morte Couture event next week!





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