Raven’s Rouge Christmas Gift List…

RAVEN ROUGE RECOMMENDS…ART MACABRE’S FESTIVE GIFT LIST! If you’ve not taken part in the rather scary commercial zombie-like grabbing hoards of shoppers that has been Black Friday and are still looking for some Christmas gift ideas, Raven Rouge is here to help. On her list to Krampus this season (Santa is so passe) are these macabre gifts and treats…


Red velvet skull moneybox £15 Urban Outfitters

We’ll let you into a little secret…Shhhh! We get lots of our prop skulls from Urban Outfitters. Plus they double up as money boxes when not being held by our models to pose with. This new blood red velvet covered version would fit in with our gold, black and white ones in the studio collection we have, we think…

ADOPT A SPECIMEN…AT THE GRANT MUSEUM OF ZOOLOGY I whole-heartedly agree that most pets are NOT for Christmas, but these little preserved critters and creatures would make fantastic and truly unique gift to give someone, adopting a specimen from the Grant Museum collection in their name and allowing them to become a Friend of the Museum

Grant Museum of Zoology

There’s a glorious long list of specimens up for adoption here. What would you choose? Perhaps a brown long-eared bat taxidermy for your brother, a preserved cockroach as an original Secret Santa gift or a collection of rabbit legs for a lucky lover? It’s a great way to support this small but spectacular London museum.


I’m wishing for this bone necklace from Indigo Black…although I’d be happy to find any of these gothic, magical pieces of costume jewellery in my stocking.  Bargains galore! Ouija board Iphone case, anyone? Or a horned floral crown? Take a peek at the treasures there.

Image of Bone Necklace

Bone necklace, £10 Indigo Black


This year we’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to new model Maya (you may have seen her posing as Lilith, an Aztec goddess, Day of the Dead Catrina or more) and with that I’ve been introduced to the amazing Kill Star (oc)cult clothing range.

You may have only seen her sans clothes, but when off stage Maya is a walking ambassador of the brand, turning up in another amazing hooded dress or Egyptian iconography blazoned leggings. I’m now coveting all of these clothes. Join the coven…They love a deadly pun as much as we do! My particular favourite (plus everything with Cats on it!)

Killstar Occult Swimsuit £22.99

MONSTER SUPPLIES  – gifts for the little monsters in your life!

Hoxton Street Monster Supplies are ‘purveyors of quality goods for monsters of every kind’.

Dead Good Tote Bag

Dead Good tote bag, £6 from Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

Range of Children's Tinned FearBanshee Balls

If you’re an East Londoner like us, you may well have wondered past this curious shop on Hoxton Street and wondered what supplies monsters could possible require? Well, humans, you can also shop online for Monster Supplies. Lucky for you non-Londoners!

Run as a front to the secret (shhhh!) Ministry of Stories young people’s story writing and mentoring project, you can choose from Fang Floss, Banshee Balls, Tinned Heebie Jeebies, Cubed Ear Wax, Night Sweats, or my personal favourite ‘Dead Good’ tote! Plus shop knowing you’re supporting a fantastic charity supporting young people to become the most imaginative and confident writers that they can. Win win.

Shop online, or if you dare to visit the Monster shop in person, listen out for their invisible pet cat Wells in store!


Image of "Ribcage and Pelvis" Edible Prints by AVM Curiosities

Ribcage and Pelvis Edible Prints by AVM Curiosities

Art and edibles are always winning present choices. My friend Tasha Marks, the ever talented and inventive artist and food historian, has created these 100% edible art prints. We love the idea of this transient, tasty art and the anatomical prints she’s chosen to print too. The above prints can be found on the online museum gift store of one of my favourite museums- New York’s Morbid Anatomy museum. BEWARE: If you go on this site, you may want to purchase everything!

Personally, I love getting books for Christmas that I can enjoy reading over the holidays. This year, this one is on my list:


Image of The Morbid Anatomy Anthology

The Morbid Anatomy Anthology

If you like Art Macabre, Barts Pathology Museum and the like then you’re sure to find so much to enjoy, fascinate, repulse and learn in this big hard back book edited by museum founder and general queen of all things macabre and wondrous Joanna Ebenstein. I visited the museum last year and I can’t wait to see the new extended site too. It was fantastic to meet Joanna and collaborate on an event at the Old Operating Theatre. She’s an inspiration! Stuck for any ideas for lovers of the darker arts and you’ll be fine heading to either this online shop, or the closest UK counterpart I know of at the Wellcome Collection shop…

ART MACABRE GIFTS! 10556248_713497842072420_5162579543870900493_n And then last but not least, how about letting someone you like enjoy a free death drawing experience?! Give the gift of Art Macabre! Gift vouchers (from £10 to £100) to attend future salons available. Annual Gold Skull membership cards can be purchased to allow someone to sketch at discounted prices and get free events for their loyalty for £7. Order now to get in time for Xmas! Handmade membership card and Art Macabre pin badge can be posted out. Email deathdrawing@gmail.com now to order and then arrange payment via Paypal. Happy shopping & I hope that Krampus is good to you!


About Art Macabre Drawing Salons (formerly known as Death Drawing)

RIP LIFE DRAWING. 2011 is the year of ART MACABRE.
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