We’ve received some fantastic testimonials lately, so thought we’d share them here. We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet or owt, but rather than sing our own praises, we thought we’d share what others have made of our little death drawing events…

“Imaginative, intimate and inspirational, Art Macabre is everything you could want from a life drawing class – or any night out, for that matter. ” Katie Antoniou, journalist

We’ve worked with Art Macabre on several occasions in the last year, and it is refreshing to commission an event with such a professional team. They bring a blend of dark wit and engagement with their fun, fresh approach to life drawing. As with all good events it’s in the details; the music, the props, and the models are all carefully planned and choreographed, but what visitors encountered is a smooth-running entertaining evening with its finger firmly on the cultural pulse.’ Annette Richardson, Somerset House, Learning & Participation Manager

“Working with Art Macabre has bought both new audiences and engaged our regulars in  exploring  the collection using creative expression to draw out new ways of understanding in the Museum. The format of life drawing works well and can be adapted to suit our themes that we run each term from Steam Punk to Pottery.  Working with Nikki and her team has been stimulating and produced very successful and popular evenings here at The UCL  Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology.” Helen Pike, Petrie Museum, Public Programmer 

Nikki has created something wonderful, and she continues to overflow with ideas, each one to be meticulously researched and refined on its way to becoming a rich, riotous reality. Such genius, such moments to treasure.” Steve Ritter, life model

“Art Macabre has been a wonderful addition to our programme, bringing in a fresh new crowd of art-lovers. We get so many great comments from our customers, with lots of inspired people sharing the pictures they have drawn in the class with us over social media. Nikki never fails to impress us with her interesting themes and incredible models and costumes.” Rose Payne, Programmer, The Book Club & Mothership

“Art Macabre add a thrilling aspect to Shuffle Festival – deep in the woods in the cemetery park you can find them drawing the things we only dare to think about in our daily lives – our bodies and the passing of time. They get large audience involvement and have really original concepts.” Kate MacTiernan , Creative Director, Shuffle festival

“Delightfully dark” Captain Crop, A Curious Invitation Ball

“Their ability to introduce new audiences to the museum and encourage respectful engagement with the collections means that we will certainly collaborate further in future” Carla Valentine, Barts Pathology Museum Curator

What fun I had drawing! All thanks to your inspirational classes. You relit the fire of creativity inside me. A big thank you.”  Vivienne, participant


About Art Macabre Drawing Salons (formerly known as Death Drawing)

RIP LIFE DRAWING. 2011 is the year of ART MACABRE.
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